Antique bronze, Grand Tour French, after the antique, of the Amazon.

A good Grand Tour version of the "Wounded Amazon". She is a version of the Mattei type believed to have been created by Phidias. The Amazons were said to have founded the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus in around 440 BC. At the inauguration of the temple, the statues of four Amazons were dedicated--by Polycleitus, Phidias, Cresilas, and Phradmon. A later Roman copy of this bronze is in the Pio-Clemente Museum in the Vatican Rome. The crescent shield ( Pelta) and double bladed axe together with quiver and bow marry with Xenophon's quote regarding the Amazon's weapons in Anabasis, IV.4.16. This French bronze reduction has a fine patina and is in very good condition. This version also has a battle helmet at her feet. There is a stamp on the tree stump which reads "Reduction Mechanique Collas Brevete". France circa 1880. 15.25 inches high by 5.5 inches wide by 4 inches deep ( 38 cms by 13.75 cms by 10 cms).

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Origin: France

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