Antique French Louis XV ormolu clock of Hannibal and Scipio signed Amant

Rare Antique French Louis XV ormolu mantel clock of Hannibal and Scipio signed Amant. This rare and unusual clock, in extremely fine condition and entirely original fire gilt ormolu, shows the two famous generals, Hannibal and Scipio, whose deeds decided the second Punic war (218-201 B.C.) facing each other. The hostile relationship of the two warriors is shown in the bronze, as is their similarity. The upright posture of one figure with raised lance, and the posture of the other figure clearly shows winner and looser.Flags and banners drape over the top of the case, whilst swords, shields bows, a helmet and a lion skin adorn the case of the clock, around the warriors feet.The movement is an 8 day silk suspension movement striking the hours and halves by means of a countwheel. The fine white enamel dial is signed Amant a Paris, whilst the back of the movement is also similarly engraved. Tardy has Jean Louis Amant becoming a master in 1751, and known to have worked in Cul de sac de l'Egout St-Martin from 1772-89. A similar model can be seen in French bronze clocks by Elke Niehuser, pp. 71 French, circa 1770 41cm High by 38cm wide by 18cm deep

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