Antique Grand tour rare model in patinated bronze representing Jupiter and Hercules.

A rare Grand Tour bronze of a very vertical form. The main representation is of Jupiter and Hercules who are at the top of the bronze. The bronze is held up by three goats feet with a mount between. The feet hold up a triform base with three monopedia lions with a turtle ( symbol of fertility ) to the centre. The lion's heads hold up a circular base with baluster columns very much in the form of an hour glass. Within this is a bachanalian faun playing pan pipes. On top of the hour glass is the figure of Hercules holding up the heavens which in turn is surmounted by an eagle gripping thunderbolts and with a pair of vipers in his mouh. This of course is a representation of Jupiter the father of Hercules. Superb patination to all parts and a most unusual piece. Italian circa 1860. 19 inches high by 6.5 inch diameter ( 47.5 cm by 16.25 cm).

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