Antique Grand Tour bronze of the Dancing Faun.

Antique Grand Tour bronze of the Dancing Faun. This dancing Faun is based on a Hellenistic statue that has been on display in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence since the second half of the 1600s . This bronze is in excellent condition, finely cast and finished. This dancing faun is really a satyr, a roguish figure from ancient mythology and literature known for their love of wine, music, and mischief. This satyr holds metal cymbala in his hands and wears a kroupezion attached to his sandal. This is a device with a metal plate that would have made a noise rather like a modern tap shoe. His 'faun' features are visible in the tiny horns above his forehead, and in the small goat's tail at his rear. His head is bent over, absorbed by the music, and every muscle of his athletic body seems tensed as he plays; from his deltoid muscles to his abdomen, and down to his calves. This piece is signed Duchemin and is after Isaak Duchemin. The bronze probably dates from the end of the 19th century A similar copy by Pietro Cipriani, Italian, 1722 - 1724 is in the Getty Museum. Italy circa 1860. 24 inches high ( 61 cm).

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