Antique automaton magician clock by bossu with more complications than that by Houdin.

Antique automaton magician clock by bossu with more complications than that by Houdin.
A rare and complicated French, ormolu Magician clock by Bossu a Paris. Rather than the Houdin clock which represents the magician as an oriental, this clock by Bossu represents the Magician in a totally different way as an Indian Fakir, from which we get the English word Fake meaning illusion. 1/ While the Houdin clock’s mechanism is hidden behind the carpet covering the magician’s table, this one by Bossu has the bulk of the movement in the clock case itself and the drive for the movement of the cups , dice etc. are all driven by fusee type chains through the legs of the table. Thus the table is far smaller and this gives the clock a far more mysterious and magical feeling as it is difficult for people to understand how the illusion is created and managed. It is of course impossible for people to understand that all the automotive mechanism is within the small table, which of course it is not, much of the automation is remote from the action itself and in the case of the clock, a far cleverer illusion is thus created. 2/ The Bossu movement is far more complicated than the Houdin and involves counterweights in the clock case with complicated systems of cams, chains and wires. 3/ In the Bossu clock a different system entirely is used to show and hide the various objects that appear and disappear from under the cups. While the Houdin clock uses a single disc that rotates horizontally beneath the table top, the clock by Bossu uses a PAIR of vertically rotating wheels, a totally different system and one that allows for greater variation in the way the objects appear and disappear from beneath the cups. 4/ While the Houdin clock moves his arms and changes objects in 8 moves the Bossu clock actually does a greater number of moves in fact a full 16 moves or double the number of the Houdin clocks. 5/ The Bossu clock has counterweights and fusee type chains that move the Magicians arms up and down. This system also allows the magician to move his head from side to side as if he is watching the action. This is a complicated and very rare Magician clock with a long and sophisticated sequence of the cup and ball illusion. The clock is in excellent original condition with original gilding. It is an 8 day clock striking on a bell and with silk suspended pendulum. 20 inches high by 10.5 inches wide by 6 inches deep ( 50 cms by 26.25 cms by 15 cms ).

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