Antique French Empire clock of woman at altar of love " Sacrifice a l'Amour".

Antique French Empire clock of woman at altar of love
A fine and unusual antique French Empire mantel clock in ormolu. The subject, as it is in so many French mantel clocks of this period, is love and the title of the clock is " Sacrifice a l'Amour". On the top of the clock a classically dressed woman sits upon an Empire stool pouring libations over an altar dedicated to love. A fire burns strongly at the altar and it has applied ormolu linked hearts surrounded by a wreath on the sides of the altar. By the altar is a wine cup and ewer and beside the woman is a dog, an iconic representation of fidelty. The platform on which this takes place is held up by four tapered columns that closely resemble the usual interpretation of the flame of everlasting love. The columns are also decorated with flaming hearts. Between the columns is the white convex dial set in a tasseled and fringed hanging decorated with forget-me-nots. The movement is of 8 day duration, with flat bottomed plates and silk suspension, striking the hours and halves on a bell. The movement is signed and dated 1810. An identical clock is in the inventory of clocks at the Chateau de Saint-Cloud in 1807. This clock can be seen in the book "Pendules du Mobilier National" by Marie-France Dupuy-Baylet pp 48 where it says "un constat d'etat est effectue: il precise l'absence du cadran qui, a l'origine portait le nom de lamiral a Paris. des pieds et de deux element de son decor. le flambeau place a cote de l'autel a, en effet, remlace l'aiguiere et la coup qui en faisaient partie selon les inventaires duXIX siecle". This indicates that the clock in the French National Collection is far less original than the one that I am offering. 18 inches high bt 12 inches wide by 5.25 inches deep ( 45 cms by 30 cms by 13 cms).

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