Antique fusee singing bird box by Charles Bruguier No. 138, silver, silver gilt and enamel.

Antique fusee singing bird box by Charles Bruguier No. 138, silver, silver gilt and enamel.
Antique fusee singing bird box by Charles Bruguier No. 138, silver, silver gilt and enamel, circa 1830, an early Bruguier singing bird box. The birdbox with long and unusual birdsong lasting 25 seconds. The beautiful and unusual silver case with exceptionally fine silversmithing work. The case with canted corners decorated in a diamond shape and most unusually an angled moulding to the top of the case inlaid with black enamel. The sides of the case with star decoration within squares. The whole of the top of the case inlaid with enamel. A background of black enamel to the outside edge and sky blue close to the lifting lid. Four beautifully painted posies of enamel flowers surround the lid. The silver revealed is of rococco floral scrolls and leaves. The base is also finely engine turned and with a cartouche to the centre. The back of the case has a concealed and hinged key or snuff compartment. The fabulous enamel lid is painted with a view of the snow covered alps in the distance and Lake Geneva in the foreground with sailing boats and beautifully painted wooded banks of the lake and clouds in the blue sky. The underside of the lifting oval lid is beautifully painted with a spray of flowers on a clipper blue ground. On pressing the operating lever to the right the lid opens and the bird pops up through the delicately worked silver gilt pierced grille and then the key wound fusee movement on seven-turn chain wheel, eight cam-stack, rectangular bellows and with fan governor is set off working the bellows & driving 8 cams that work the bird by 1/ opening & shutting the ivory beak, 2/ turns its head from left to right, 3/ flaps the wings, 4/ pirouettes left and right. The bird with predominant hues of turquoise and dark brown feathered plumage, with red and green iridescent highlights moves it's ivory beak to a rare and unusual sequence of bird song; the song initially typical of a Bruguier whistle but terminates in a folksong. This incorporation of folksong within bird song was a particular feature of some Rochat singing bird tabatieres and is unknown in Bruguier boxes. The early number of this box and the known close association of the two makers in the early years of the 19th century leads to the conclusion that Bruguier was continuing to use some Rochat components in his own boxes, in this case a pair of Rochat cams. The movement has Charles Bruguier's signature stamped in capitals to the movement plate with the number 138 and also hand engraved to the spring loafer with Charles Bruguier, Rue des Paquet 5 รก Geneva, Suisse, the number also inscribed to the case interior . Charles Bruguier circa 1830.

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