Antique Windmill automaton clock and compendium

Antique Windmill automaton clock and compendium
Rare antique automaton industrial clock in the form of a windmill. The clock is French and almost certainly by Guilmet but made specifically for the English market .This clock is also a compendium having a timepiece clock, a baraometer and two thermometers giving centigrade, farenheit and reamur scales. The windmill is a very realistic representation of the ancient "Post" windmills where the top part of the windmill is able to turn to face the wind. The clock sits upon a circular black marble base but then completely made of bronze, largely patinated bronze in two colours ( dark and rich brown) and some gilded bronze. The quality of the casting is exceptional as you can see from the detail photographs. The automaton is powered by a large movement in the base wound through a keyhole behind the hinged front door. Pulleys running from the movement in the base to the top of the windmill operate the sails. The keywound 8 day clock sits at the front of the windmill just above the fine gilt bronze rail . Above the clock is the barometer. To each side on a silvered bronze scale are the two thermometers. France circa 1890. 19 inches high and the diameter of the base 6.5 inches ( 47.5 cm by 16.25 cm).

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