Singing bird box automaton most unusually with jewelry box.

Singing bird box automaton most unusually with jewelry box.
Unusual singing birdbox automaton with an automatic scroll of romantic verses and a jewelry box. The bird box in two parts , the lower half is a lined jewelry box while the upper half sits on the jewelry box and is a singing bird box with automatic scrolling verses. The knob on the back of the box is pressed and the lid rises allowing the bird to rise up and sing, open and shut his beak, flap his wings and move from left to right. The action of pressing the button also caused the scroll to the front top of the box to move over to the next romantic verse. " The verse showing in the photo runs "It can be said with flowers, with bows and smiles, in showers". Once the bird has finished his performance the bird drops down and the lid closes. The whole box is decorated with silver filigree work and paste brilliants and to the lower front with an enamelled butterfly. Excellent condition. Probably German for the English and American market. Early 20th century.

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