Antique erotic gold and tortoiseshell musical box.

Antique erotic gold and tortoiseshell musical box.
An antique and exceptionally rare erotic musical box. Of substantial size the tortoiseshell case with gold frame through the centre and gold floral lifting piece to the front of the case. By lifting the lifting piece the lid opens to reveal a vert fine two tune musical movement operated by levers from the front and wound by key from beneath the case. The musical movement numbered 1073. However if the sides of the case are held and lifted rather than by using the lifting piece a separate and secret lid is removed, also very cleverly hinged so its presence could not be suspected. Below this second lid there is a superb rendition in hand painted enamel of a version of Titian's Venus of Urbino, the original believed to have been painted for Guidobaldo della Rovere, the heir of Francesco Maria della Rovere, Duke of Urbino. It is regarded as one of the World's all time sexiest paintings and was painted from a masculine perspective. Titian's original had two maids sorting through a chest to the right of the window. In this sublimely painted version they are missing, making the painting even more personal and private to the viewer. The young woman's gaze is intiguing, neither coy nor demanding. Her languerous left arm with her hand over her pubic area doesn't entirely cover it, unlike in Titian's original. The oval enamel is encircled by a superb gold bezel of flowers and shells. The corners outside the bezel have beautifully executed gold and shell pique work of flowers. Probably French ( French Swiss border area) circa 1820. 3.75 inches wide by 3.125 inches deep by 1.75 inches high (9.375 cm by 7.8 cm by 4.375 cm).

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