Antique French Empire clock depicting the Judgement of Paris.

Antique French Empire clock depicting the Judgement of Paris.
Fine early French Empire clock depicting "The Judgement of Paris". Paris was a Prince of Ancient Troy and son of Priam but at his birth it was prophesised that he would cause the destruction of Troy and so he was left to die on the slopes of Mount Ida. He was found by shepherds who brought him up. He was the cause of the Trojan wars by carrying off Helen the Spartan Queen and so fulfilled the original prophesy. This scenre is one of the most famous myths of the Classical period where Paris was required by the Gods to choose the most beautiful Goddess and had to choose between Venus, Juno and Minerva and the winner was to receive the Golden Apple. Unhappy Paris as although he made Venus happy he brought the wrath of Juno and Minerva upon his head. Paris is seen here sitting on a block wall with a golden apple in his hand, a shepherds crook and horn beside him and a Phrygian hat upon his head ( also worn by French Revolutionaries). Behind his head in script can be seen the phrase "A La Plus Belle" translated as "To the Most Beautiful". The clock itself is of classic Directoire form, very formal with clean lines. Set upon four ormol bun feet with shallow base. The clock housing rises vertically with clock walls to each side and a concave background rising to the pediment. The patinated bronze tympanum has applied ormolu mounts of baskets of flowers and a wreath with ribbons. The white convex enamel dial has fine ormolu hands and hour numerals as Roman chapters and the minutes marked at every quarter . It is surrounded by a very fine ormolu bezel. The movement is of 8 day duration striking the hours and halves on a cast bell by means of the countwheel system of striking. The timekeeping is regulated by means of a silk suspended pendulum. It has the classic flat borromed plates to the movement that are indicative of this early French Empire or Directoire period. France circa 1805. Kjellberg, Pierre. Encyclopédie de la Pendule Française, pp 448. 18 inches high 10.75 inches wide by 6 inches deep ( 45 cm by 27 cm by 15 cm).

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